Media Samples

Plant Family Identification

  • Sample module from the finished lesson
  • Storyboard for the lesson – working in PowerPoint makes planning faster and allows for easier collaboration


  • Asks students to make and test hypotheses to stimulate prior knowledge
  • Quiz with feedback
  • Light animation and customized graphics

My Role: 

  • Outlined the learning experience
  • Wrote all text
  • Customized all graphics
  • Developed ILO with quiz and interactions in Storyline

ILOs for University of Michigan School of Nursing: Nursing Anatomy and Basic Skills Modules


  • Self-test modules for graduate nursing students to review and refresh skills before beginning an advanced course
  • Feedback directed students to digital and print sources to selectively study material they needed to work on

My Role: 

  • Worked with instructor to create application-level quiz questions that would truly discern student readiness
  • All development on 11 total pretests¬†(Flash)


  • Students were better prepared for class, in less time, than in previous iterations of the course
  • Instructor stopped using class time for review
  • Class covered more advanced material in the same amount of time

Dental Clinical Curriculum Badging Path

Created in As students pass assignments in Canvas, they are awarded badges within the path. Collections of lower-level badges “roll up” into badges indicating the completion of semester- and curriculum-level requirements.

Statistics Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs) and Videos: University of Michigan Ross School of Business


  • Question/answer interactivity replaces voice-over-PowePoint
  • Animation of equations matched to instructor voice increases student understanding of vocabulary, symbols, and concepts
  • Problems are scaffolded in difficulty. First, students are asked to answer each step of simple math problems. By the end of the ILO, they must remember the steps and provide one final answer to multi-part application problems.

My Role: 

  • Interpreted instructor’s 46 static PowerPoints into 22 standalone ILOs and 24 animated videos
  • Drafted storyboards in Google Slides
  • Iterated with Storyline developers and animators to create the final ILOs and videos


  • Student pass rates in this version of the course are nearly 20% higher than in previous versions of the course

African Americans, Health, and the Health Care System: ILO for University of Michigan MESA Center for Health Disparities


  • ILO interwove dense content, reflective questions, and personal stories to explain the origins of African American health disparities in the US
  • Micro-roleplay asks students to imagine themselves in the position of an enslaved worker suffering an illness; backend logic determines the outcome

My Role: 

  • Compressed 40,000 word faculty script to about 4,000 words
  • Designed rollovers and engagement activities
  • Did all design and development work (Flash)

Health and Safety Videos: University of Michigan School of Dentistry Clinics


  • Voice-over-slide style videos covering various training and medical emergency procedures within dental clinics
  • Embedded videos to show proper sanitation, personal protective equipment use, etc.

My Role: 

  • Worked with clinic directors to determine content
  • Built out over a dozen videos using Captivate or Camtasia
  • Gathered, and in some cases, created photos and videos of clinics and procedures
  • Edited narration scripts
  • Used school-provided templates as basis for graphical design

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