Fixed-Price Packages

Where Do I Start?
A private 90-minute consultation to help you get started teaching online. Come with detailed questions, or just ask “Where do I start?”
$75 – bring a colleague for $20

Course Conversion Guidance
You provide a current syllabus, and I suggest effective ways to move the course online. You (or your delegate) do the conversion.

Online Course Plan Critique
You provide the syllabus and outline of your online course plan. I do an in-depth review and make suggestions for the plan, assessments, and engagement activities.

Custom Services

Curriculum Design
I specialize in converting huge, complex curriculum ideas into straightforward, workable plans for program development. Contact me to discuss how I might help you through the process of developing your department’s online curriculum. Possibilities include:

  • Gathering and analyzing curriculum elements from key stakeholders
  • Surfacing nuances and complexities
  • Mapping curricula to accreditation standards
  • Developing program outcomes
  • Suggesting engaged learning applications for each course
  • Envisioning co-curricular experiential learning opportunities

Full-Service Instructional Design
I guide an instructor through the entire course development process. Ideal for faculty looking to build an innovative online course from the ground up. This service also available to OPMs wishing to outsource ID work. Includes:

  • In-depth co-creation of course with instructor – from scratch, or using your university’s template
  • Project management, including coordination with other team members (media, course builders, etc.)
  • Weekly meetings with faculty
  • Detailed weekly “assignments” for faculty
  • Average 6 month commitment

Environmental Education
I work with your school or nonprofit to develop curriculum that can be taught by your teachers, interns, or volunteers. In-person and online options are available. See examples here. Very competitive nonprofit pricing includes:

  • Designing experiences that are sustainable within your budget and meet the needs of your particular group of learners
  • Materials lists built from shareable or DIY sources
  • Facilitator’s guide designed so volunteers can run the event successfully
  • Source files provided in a format your institution can edit in the future

Other Services
I have 20+ years of experience designing online and face-to-face educational experiences. I am happy to be a thought partner on any part of the course development process, from high-level curriculum design to writing individual test questions. Contact me to discuss options. Possibilities include:

  • Curriculum design for a new online college program
  • Retrain academic staff now working from home to support faculty in course development
  • Designing COVID-19 health worker training, e.g. how to do contact tracking
  • Strategy for moving an entire department’s course offerings online quickly
  • Faculty workshops in online pedagogy and computer training
  • Environmental education and community gardening projects

Prices vary – ask about discounts for non-profits

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